Club Super Sex stripper about basic instinct
Hello....! Please, tell our readers something about yourself? Where do you work and do you enjoy your work?
I never understood why, while being a real plastic girl, nobody considers me as a Barbie? I really love plastic surgery, even if in my hometown, everybody is natural. I'm working at the Club Super Sexe, in downtown Montreal and it is quite easy to find it with all its neon lights. Like every type of work, there's some amazing nights and some... you'd prefer to be the day after. Sometimes, even without making a ton of money I can go home and think: Wow! That was a good night! It's just that I met funny people to spend time with!
I have a few questions for you and if you don’t mind I will ask them.
What are the most stupid questions you have heard from people when they found out that you work as a stripper?
Too many people believe that, because I am a stripper, I have to take drugs to work. That might be the case for some girls, but not mine. I usually try to explain to them that I don't need drugs to do my job. A few people think that because I get naked in front of them, that I am also an escort. Some strippers might do both, just like some porn stars do, but those are two different jobs.

How do you choose a man you want to approach first?
I usually try to avoid young men. Most of the time they are cheap and believe you own them a special favour more than a dance for going to a booth with you. I prefer going for 30 and over. I also prefer going for Caucasians. They usually mean less management. Let's face it, I don't have a ghetto booty, nor do I seem to hit it with Asians and there aren't that many Latinos for that matter.

Does a confident man usually dress very well? Or can he be dressed as an average looking guy?
Clothing displays little information about the confidence of a man. Rarely you see someone dressing up to go to a strip club. Most people wear casual clothes or simply their work clothes.

What advices can you give to a man in order to be more confident and approach a girl he likes?
Don't be shy! You will seldom get a no from a girl you want a dance from. When you are shy, we don't know what you like. Telling us makes our job easier to entertain you!

How can a guy deal with approach anxiety?
Take a drink and get over it! There's no big deal!

How should a guy react to a rejection by a girl?
Either he smells really bad or he asked the girl some wrong questions you'd usually ask an escort. Being an elite creep or too drunk can also make a girl want to leave.

What do you enjoy the most – your performance or your ability to turn your public on?
- I'm not much of a show girl. Stages are just part of my work. I sometimes flex my pecs for the amazement of the crowd or cover each one of my breasts with a cap. I really like to give long hugs, pressing my boobs against them, have a nice sexy chat or receive a massage. Who wouldn't like to give some extra busty girl a good back rub after all!

Do you think the BASIC INSTINCT –is a trigger for falling in love?
No, it's just sex, it won't last if there isn't anything else. I had plenty of crushes like that. They rarely last more than 3 months. You know you really love a person when you've spent time with her sharing more than fluids! Only then should you consider being a couple.

What is the weirdest offer you have ever had from your clients?
The weirdest is a golden shower request that I get from time to time, in a strip club.

What would be your three wishes you’d like to become true?
First, to be successful in my modelling career. Second, to have healthy and lovely children. Third is getting much bigger boobs without having them make a fuss everywhere I go.

How do you see your life in the next 5 years? Do you still want to be a stripper?
I'd like to stop stripping. It's a lot harder emotionally than someone might think. You have to handle a lot of rejection from people you meet. I would like to only model starting in 2016, from my website and webcam. I also plan on having a couple of nice kids and newer and bigger implants. If you compute all this, more modelling, with bigger and milkier boobies for the following years!

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